Dead cows, live cows and dirty water complaints keep council staff busy

Dead cows, dirty water and dairy effluent kept West Coast Regional Council staff on the hop in July.

The compliance team investigated 10 complaints, two of them about demolition dumping, as previously reported.

The council called in contractors to remove the carcases of two dead cows from beaches -- one at Rapahoe and one at Granity.

Flood protection work at Kapitia Creek sparked a complaint that the rockwork was causing erosion on a farm property-- inquiries are ongoing.

Compliance staff are also investigating a complaint that stormwater from a neighbour's property was causing ponding at Cobden.

And the team is following up a complaint about a miner at Greenstone whose water pipe broke and briefly flooded a public road. The miner fixed the pipe immediately and reported the incident himself.

Council staff walked the beach at Ross and picked up a small amount of rubbish after a complaint that a recent storm had left the beach littered with trash.

A complaint that a septic tank at a Camerons property was discharging into a drain drew a blank -- council staff found nothing coming out of the buried pipe when they inspected, and could not confirm it was connected to the septic system.

Inquiries are still going on into a complaint that a standoff pad on a Kowhiterangi dairy farm was discharging effluent.

The owner of a fuel trailer at Whitecliffs will remove it after a complaint that it ended up in the Buller River and was leaking fuel. Staff who investigated found the trailer empty and upright.

 - by Lois Williams, local democracy reporter

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