High clearance rates at bull sales ‘pleasing’

High clearance rates as part of the region’s bull sales to date are ‘‘pleasing’’, PGG Wrightson livestock genetics representative Callum McDonald says.

‘‘Sales have been going really well.

‘‘The clearance rates have been really good, which is important and that is a really pleasing part of the season [so far] for me.

‘‘Prices received [to date] have been solid, although slightly back on previous years.’’

Two months ago bull sales were ‘‘up in the air’’ because of Covid-19 restrictions.

While some sellers used solely either on-farm or online auctions, others took advantage of both formats, creating hybrid auctions.


Umbrella Range Angus sold 24 bulls for a top price of $18,000 and an average of $9979; Waimara Angus, 27 bulls, average $7653, top price $13,000; Kincardine Angus, eight bulls, average $7712, two at $10,000; Delmont Angus, 27 bulls, average $8074, top $13,500; Penvose Angus, 32 bulls, average $6905, top $13,000; Glenwood Angus, 11 bulls, average $5850, top $9000; Glenside Simmentals, 16 bulls, average $6528, top $9250; Stoneburn Herefords, 25 bulls, average $7096, top price $13,500; Glacier Horned Herefords, 10 bulls, average $8020; Flagstaff Herefords, seven bulls, average $5485; Rough Ridge Shorthorns, three bulls, top price of $5900; Leafland Simmentals, 11 bulls, top price of $6250; Loch Lomond South Devon, five bulls, top price of $8000.

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