Madcap first day

Spectators relax under trees as Middlemarch cowgirl Elaine Grubb competes in the open barrel race...
Spectators relax under trees as Middlemarch cowgirl Elaine Grubb competes in the open barrel race event at the Mad Bull Rodeo on Saturday. She came second. PHOTO: STEPHEN JAQUIERY
It was all go on Saturday at the Mad Bull Rodeo Club.

New Zealand’s newest rodeo club is based at the Adam family’s farm, near Henley, south of Dunedin.

The first of a three-day series was held at the weekend, featuring barrel racing and bull riding. Farmer and long-time rodeo enthusiast James Adam quipped that it all came about from "drinking too much beer".

The arena, next to State Highway 1, was initially developed for Mr Adam’s daughter Georgina to practise her barrel racing. Then when the Tua Marina rodeo closed in Marlborough earlier this year, it was suggested Mr Adam buy the club’s portable yard and set it up.

It had grown to now hosting an event on Saturday, this coming Saturday, and then a final in March.

Although the club was affiliated to the national rodeo body, it was non-points, meaning it did not contribute towards national standings.

Mr Adam, who is on the board of the New Zealand Rodeo Cowboys Association, is also president of the Outram rodeo club.

Initially, it was meant to be a "low-key affair" but it quickly generated a lot of interest, he said.

Daughter Georgina and son Ryan would both be competing while son Josh would help with the bulls. It was hoped to have broncs next year.

Mr Adam had been fascinated by rodeos since he was a child and had a long involvement with the sport.

He liked the challenge of rodeo, and he particularly enjoyed the open bulls, which became "a bit like family".

The Mad Bull part was a reference to a number plate given to him.

Results from series 1:

Novice steer ride: Xavier Sanders 1, Flynt Longley 2. Second division bull ride: Elih Long 1, Tom Dickinson 2, Andrew Dawson 3. Junior barrel racing: Paris Wilson 1,
Pyper Arnold 2, Olivia Arnold 3. Second division barrel racing: Wendy Ryan 1, Kate Mackie 2, Yolande Redmond 3. Open barrel racing: Kerry MacDonald 1, Elaine Grubb 2, Claire Smith 3.

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