Prices up for quality wool

A quality offering of wool from all breeds attracted a "strong and buoyant" market at last week’s South Island wool sale in Christchurch, PGG Wrightson Wool South Island auction manager Dave Burridge said.

Compared with the sale two weeks earlier, there were significant lifts and clearances for all wool types.

Having a dominant Australian wool-exporting company on the bench provided the ‘‘extra urgency in the room’’, particularly in mid-micron and merino wools, he said.

Crossbred fleece prices rose up to 10% while mid-micron halfbred fleece (28 micron) was up 15% and halfbred hogget (23 micron) was up 18%. Merino fleece (18 micron) rose 12% and hogget (16 micron) was up 11%.

A range of Otago prices.—

Moeraki Downs, 12 bales Coopworth AA, 38.1 micron, 78.3% yield, 201 greasy, 257 clean; Lammermoor Station, three bales fine halfbred hogget AA, 19.3 micron, 72.4% yield, 949 greasy, 1311 clean, five bales fine halfbred hogget AAA, 23.4 micron, 74.4% yield, 800 greasy, 1075 clean; JC and AC Foote, 12 bales crossbred AA, 34 micron, 74.5% yield, 188 greasy, 252 clean; Linnburn Station, 28 bales strong halfbred AA, 24.1 micron, 76.7% yield, 744 greasy, 970 clean; Eden Creek, two bales merino AA, 15.1 micron, 67.1% yield, 1630 greasy, 2429 clean; Bendigo Station, six bales merino hogget 4A, 15.9 micron, 68.5% yield, 1530 greasy, 2234 clean; Glen Eden Run, six bales fine merino 5A, 16.8 micron, 76.5% yield, 1490 greasy, 1948 clean.


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