Prices up at South Island wool sale

Last week’s South Island wool sale has been described as the most positive sale since the Covid-19 lockdown earlier this year.

A quality offering of merino and mid-micron wool saw the market take a dramatic recovery from recent sales and reflected the significant upward correction that occurred in Australia last week, PGG Wrightson Wool South Island auction manager Dave Burridge said.

There had been new prompt business undertaken which the auction market had quickly reacted to. Having a dominant Australian wool exporting company represented on the buyers’ bench underpinned the day’s solid demand, Mr Burridge said.

Merino oddments and hogget wool were both up 10%, while fleece was up 8%. Halfbred hogget was up 11%, oddments up 10% and fleece up 8%, while good style crossbred fleece was up 3% and crossbred second shear was up between 1% and 2%.

A range of prices from the South Island sale for Otago vendors.— Mt St Bathans, two bales super fine merino 5A, 16.5 micron, 70.3% yield, 1250 greasy, 1778 clean; JMJ The Bend Ltd, one bale super fine merino 4A, 13.7 micron, 69.7% yield, 1980 greasy, 2841 clean; Spotts Creek Station, three bales fine merino AAA, 17 micron, 73.8% yield, 1210 greasy, 1640 clean; Lindis Downs, three bales merino hogget 4A, 15.8 micron, 71.2% yield, 1310 greasy, 1840 clean; Erindale Farm Ltd, 50 bales medium halfbred AA, 26.4 micron, 79.5% yield, 500 greasy, 629 clean; Eden Downs Ltd, three bales fine halfbred hogget AA, 23.3 micron, 76.8% yield, 695 greasy, 905 clean; Ivybridge Ltd, eight bales fine halfbred hogget AA, 23.3 micron, 72.2% yield, 649 greasy, 899 clean; K A and F A Thompson, three bales fine halfbred hogget AA, 20.5 micron, 78.5% yield, 821 greasy, 1046 clean.


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