Rhythm shearer’s secret to success

For shearer Leon Samuels, counting is the secret to success with sheep.

The Invercargill man won the 56th annual Gore Southern Shears open final on Saturday.

"I’m going over in my head counting blows, one, two, step, three," Mr Samuels said.

"With me it’s all rhythm."

He was unsure of his win until the results were announced, he said.

"It was pretty close."

Southern Shears secretary Sharon Hillis congratulated Mr Samuels.

"He’s a humble guy and it’s great he’s won," Mrs Hillis said.

Thirty-four shearers competed in the open shears, she said.

Competitor numbers at the event were similar to last year despite her earlier concern that a lack of international shearers could cause a dip in turnout.

"It’s gone really, really well."

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