Rural shoppers accused of panic buying

Is that a trolley full of panic purchases or do you just live in the wop-wops?

It’s a shame that question didn’t occur to some shoppers recently.

It seems some rural folk heading to town for their fortnightly grocery shop last week got more than they bargained for after fellow shoppers accused them of ‘‘panic purchasing’’.

Venting their frustration on the Farming Mums NZ Facebook page, many said they were surprised and unprepared for the comments and looks they received from other shoppers.

‘‘I hadn’t done groceries in three weeks and also run an Airbnb on the farm so had to buy toilet paper and handy towels, plus coffee and hand soap for that also. Oh, the looks I got!’’ one said.

‘‘People seriously need to mind their own bloody business! We live out of town and only do groceries once a fortnight,’’ another said.

‘‘I do my shopping fortnightly. I was asked if I was stocking up. No it’s my usual shop. It just happens to coincide with the madness!’’ another said.

And while many others shared their apprehension over their next stock up, that rural can-do attitude was very much a feature on the comments thread: ‘‘There was a limit of 3 loaves of bread! We are a family of 7 with almost 3 teenagers! We go through one loaf a day! All good though. We have meat, milk and can shoot turkeys,’’ one said.

‘‘I love to make everything from scratch. I would be happy if I never had to go to town again,’’ another said.

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