Wool prices weaken further

Prices deteriorated on an  already  weak market  at last week’s South Island wool sale in Christchurch.

The offering was largely dominated by crossbred wool.

With a drop-off in overall quality and little new business being written to off-shore markets, buyers were left buying largely "hand to mouth", PGG Wrightson Wool’s South Island sales team said.

Extra demand was generated for the limited offering of new season lambs wool and also any finer wools on offer.

Crossbred fleece (31 to 33 micron) was 1%-3% cheaper and stylish wool was least affected, while 34 micron and stronger was up to 3%-5%.

Mid-micron (25 to 30 micron) was 3%-5% dearer on very limited volumes. Crossbred lambs wool  was up 3%-5% and finer micron wool was most affected.

A range of prices. —R Ruxton (Outram), 40 bales crossbred AA, 36.8 micron, 79.9% yield, 239 greasy, 299 clean; The Gorge Pastoral Ltd (Oturehua), 10 bales crossbred lambs AA, 30.4 micron, 81.4% yield, 430 greasy, 528 clean; W S and L A Murray (Stirling), 27 bales Romney AA, 37.8 micron, 80.5% yield, 234 greasy, 291 clean; G B Walker (Tapanui), 12 bales crossbred hogget AA, 32.8 micron, 76.8% yield, 329 greasy, 428 clean.

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