Worksafe warning

Worksafe has issued a public warning to businesses servicing vehicles after a Gore farm machinery firm was fined $239,000.

Agricentre South Ltd was fined in the Gore District Court two weeks ago after it was found the company's lack of effective repairs to a tractor resulted in injury to a farm worker in 2016.

Brakes on a tractor serviced and supplied by the business failed and resulted in a worker being run over.

Worksafe head of specialist interventions Simon Humphries said it was important businesses servicing vehicles ensured diligent workmanship and practices to prevent injuries to users.

WorkSafe's investigation found Agricentre South had failed to ensure that the tractor's repair history was communicated between staff, that the tractor had fully operational brakes, and that wires for the warning lights were reconnected and working after the brakes were repaired.

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