Staveley farmers recovering

Staveley farmers Jo and Ben Hallenstein (at left), and Paul and Robyn Sewell (seated), of Mayfield, take a temporary break with a hot brew at the Staveley Store recently.

The Sewells were not affected by last month’s flooded river zones, but the Hallensteins had some work to do on their beef farm, which backs on to Taylors Stream.

They had debris to remove, fences to rebuild and some regrassing of paddocks.

The winter feed was OK, Mr Hallenstein said.

And they were grateful the stream had returned to its river channel days after the flooding.

They considered themselves ‘‘lucky and had got out of it OK’’ with the flood water confined to their land and not in their home, like others in the district.

Specialist response teams of Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) and Rural Support Trust personnel have been visiting farmers in affected areas to assess and provide support. Farmers in need of support were encouraged to make contact and fill out the Rural Support Needs Assessment Survey on the Ashburton District Council website.

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