SBW mystery solved

Sonny Bill Williams. Photo Reuters
Sonny Bill Williams. Photo Reuters
It's been on the minds of many All Black fans post Rugby World Cup.

Where's Sonny Bill?

As the All Blacks have travelled the country, thanking fans for their support and being applauded in return, the star centre has been absent from the victory parades.

But today it's been revealed the sick family member that kept him from joining in the post-victory celebrations - his grandmother - is out of hospital.

Now the star is back to considering his rugby future - with speculation mounting about whether he will stay in New Zealand for the 2012 season.

Sonny Bill missed seeing tens of thousands of fans salute the All Blacks in Auckland, Christchurch and Wellington as he visited his grandmother.

However on his Twitter account this morning, he revealed she was out of hospital.

"Nans back home thanks for all your prayers.. Now manager putting me under the pump!"


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