Council CEO leaving on May 10

Steve Parry
Steve Parry
Gore District Council interim chief executive Stephen Parry has named the day he will leave the role.

The council said in a release yesterday his departure from the council would be on May 10.

Mr Parry resigned last year but agreed to remain at the helm in an interim role while a permanent successor was found. He had been the chief executive at the council for more than 20 years but resigned in September last year.

The council though took a while to find a replacement and Mr Parry agreed to return as the interim chief executive.

Mr Parry and Gore District Mayor Ben Bell had a rocky relationship, falling out shortly after the election in October 2022, which led to the appointment of an intermediary to communicate between the two men.

The search for a new chief executive ended in February with the appointment of Deborah Lascelles, who starts work on June 3.

Cr Richard McPhail, who has been the intermediary between the mayor and chief executive, said Mr Parry informed councillors and staff on April 5 of his intention to step down next month.

"We are fortunate to have had Steve in this caretaker role. It was a huge ask of him personally, which has enabled the council to maintain business as usual during this period," he said.

"There will be three weeks between Mr Parry leaving and Ms Lascelles’ arrival, which we as a council are well-equipped to manage."

Mr Bell said the council was fortunate to have a wealth of proficient staff.

"We have experienced general managers on staff who are more than capable of stepping into the role, and a recommendation will be put up at next week’s council meeting," Mr Bell said.