Results of National Velvet & Trophy Antler Competition

The winners of the 41st National Velvet and Trophy Antler Competition were announced in Invercargill last night.

Restricted Southland red section (Dalgety Crown Velvet Trophy): Tayles Deer, stag Noah, 12.14kg (Riversdale) 1; Cruse Deer, stag 460, 11.58kg (Tuatapere) 2; Altrive Red Deer, stag 106/18, 12.38kg (Riversdale) 3.

Restricted Southland elk/wapiti section (VetSouth Trophy): Mayfield Elk, stag Ureka, 24.28kg (Winton) 1; Littlebourne Farm, stag Y5, 10.96kg (Winton) 2.

Three-year red (Southland Branch NZFDA Cup): Netherdale Red Deer, stag 20183, 9.54kg (Balfour) 1; Cruse Deer, stag 31, 8.94kg (Tuatapere) 2; Dalmore Deer, stag 130, 9.66kg (Otautau) 3.

Three-year elk/wapiti (Southland Branch NZDFA Cup): Littlebourne Farm, stag LBlue5, 11.06kg (Winton) 1; Tikana, stag Gold Tooth, 13.24kg (Winton) 2; Tikana, stag Glitz, 10.86kg (Winton) 3.

Four-year red (Trish & John Fogarty Deer and Livestock Cup): Peel Forest Estate, stag 19-2004, 10.82kg (Geraldine) 1; Tayles Deer, stag Noah, 12.14kg (Riversdale) 2; Peel Forest Estate, stag Fenton, 12.92kg (Geraldine) 3.

Four-year elk/wapiti (Elk Wapiti Society NZ Trophy): Raincliff Deer, stag 19-730, 15.84kg (Pleasant Point) 1; Clachanburn Station, stag Resolute, 15.66kg (Patearoa) 2; Littlebourne Farm, stag Y5, 10.96kg (Winton) 3.

Five-year red (Downlands Trophy): Cruse Deer, stag 460, 11.58kg (Tuatapere) 1; Altrive Red Deer, stag 106/18, 12.38kg (Riversdale) 2; Lillburn Deer, stag Brinks, 10.68kg (Lillburn Valley) 3.

Elk supreme (Alpine Trophy): Clachanburn Station, stag Tombstone, 21.34kg (Patearoa) 1; Mayfield Elk, stag Ureka, 24.28kg (Winton) 2; J&R Batley, stag Green Tag, 17.74kg (Taihape) 3.

Open red velvet section: FJ Ramsey Investments, stag Br255, 14.76kg (Rotorua) 1; Forest Road Farm, stag Lazarus, 13.94kg (Waipawa) 2; Brock Deer, stag 15-691, 11.22kg (Merino Downs) 3.

Fallow trophy antler (New Zealand Fallow Deer Society Cup): Whyte Farming, stag Odd Fellow, 5.72kg (Timaru) 1; Raincliff Deer, stag Gazza, 4.26kg (Pleasant Point) 2; Pinewood Deer Farm, stag 85, 2.38kg (Helensville) 3.

Elk/wapiti typical trophy antler (Elk and Wapiti Society of NZ Trophy): Whyte Farming, stag Detroit YR6978, 17.58kg (Ashburton) 1; Whyte Farming, stag Tui YB950, 18.92kg (Ashburton) 2; Raincliff Deer, stag Blue 9, 16.62kg (Pleasant Point) 3.

Trophy antler competition (Elk and Wapiti Society of NZ Trophy): Whyte Farming, stag Chicago YB936, 22.16kg (Ashburton) 1.

Red trophy antler (Xcell Cup): Adlam Farming, stag Disturbed, 16.38kg (Palmerston North) 1; Whyte Farming, stag Jameson, 21kg (Ashburton) 2; C Petersen, stag Big Thickett, 16.56kg (Pleasant Point) 3.