Secrets of southern Gore-met delights revealed

Gore was on a roll yesterday — the perfect cheese roll, that is.

Often referred to as Southland sushi, cheese rolls are considered a delicacy among those in the South. Some of the secrets of making them were revealed in Gore yesterday.

At a special Cheese Roll Making Workshop about 20 people got the insider knowledge on how to create the tasty snacks.

Thelma Williams, of Gore, created a batch of 24 "original Southland cheese rolls".

She revealed her secrets on how to make a great cheese roll.

"Fresh bread — that makes it easier to roll. You can do brown bread but for most people they prefer white."

She did not recommend using "grainy" bread.

Half a block of cheese had been used to create the batch, which was economical, she said.

"A little bit goes a long way. You can see it still oozes out the side and that’s what it is supposed to do."

Joy McLeod, of the Kāpiti Coast , arrived in Gore on Monday and had never tried a cheese roll until yesterday.

Tarl Barnes, of Balclutha, holds some finely crafted cheese rolls in Gore yesterday. Photo: Peter...
Tarl Barnes, of Balclutha, holds some finely crafted cheese rolls in Gore yesterday. Photo: Peter McIntosh
"We’re so lucky to have Thelma with us. She’s a cheese-roll expert."

Her first taste came from Ms Williams’ batch of original Southland cheese rolls.

"I think they’re delicious. Very rich. I think this was worth coming for."

Tarl Barnes, of Invercargill, hosted the workshop and said good mixture consistency was the key to making the perfect cheese roll.

"Not enough filler and you’re too stingy, but too much and it spills out.

"Everyone in Southland knows how to make a cheese roll but it’s a bit of a novelty for people who are not from here."

Her favourite cheese roll was a more "bougie" (fancy) take on the dish, she said.

"It’s not the classic. I definitely like the cheese and corn or the sweet chilli relish."

The workshop was part of the Tussock Country Music Festival, which continues until the showpiece Gold Guitars on Sunday.