First stop NZ champs but Florida on cards

Sam Bremer runs in Dunedin yesterday during a work break as he prepares to head to Christchurch for the national track  and field championships.
Sam Bremer runs in Dunedin yesterday during a work break as he prepares to head to Christchurch for the national track and field championships. Photo: Gregor Richardson
Sam Bremer will be packing more than just his running gear for this weekend's track and field national championships.

Christchurch might yet be just a quick stopover on the way to Florida for the Otago middle-distance runner.

That comes as a result of the 23-year-old's new job with Animation Research.

He has spent the summer following the Black Caps around during the Sri Lankan and Indian cricket tours when he was helping produce the ball-tracking graphics for the DRS system.

Now there is potential he could be flying out to perform the ball tracking at golf's Players Championship in Florida next week.

The details are yet to be confirmed.

At this point, he is planning to take a big suitcase and be ready to fly out on Sunday or Monday.

''That might potentially mess with the nationals thing a wee bit, but we'll see how that goes,'' he said.

''I'll be able to run the 800m final on Saturday, if I get through, but the 1500m is on Sunday so that might be a bit touch or go.''

The Players Championship is the first of four possible golf tournaments he may work at.

Another PGA tour event could follow, before two majors in the PGA Championship and British Open.

Despite that, he is not letting it get in the way of his running plans.

He had hoped to race more this summer - his only races have been a Dunedin 800m and the Porritt Classic 1500m after a day at the cricket in Hamilton.

Being on the road so often has meant he has been unable to fit more in.

Training has been going well, though, and he feels he is the fittest he has ever been.

''I haven't found it hard to fit training in. I just make it a priority to get it done every day.

''It's only an hour or two out of your day at most, so it's not a problem.

''We generally have the mornings pretty free so I can sneak out.

''Sometimes I have to sneak out at 6am or something pretty early.

''The running's all been pretty good really. It's nice running in new locations all the time.''

He is working on his mileage, although is being careful not overload himself.

Previously that had resulted in injury, including the shin splints which sidelined him last summer.

His primary focus remains on Europe, where he will head with Oli Chignell in May.

The duo are planning to be based an hour east of Brussels, Belgium, and remain there until the end of August.

Their goal is to run fast times, something he was also hoping for this weekend.

He is entered in the 800m and 1500m, both events in which he has claimed silver at past national championships.

However, he knows there will be tough competition this year.

He is hoping to hold on to the leaders and see if he can kick in the final 100m.

The championships begin on Friday and finish on Sunday.

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