Saints too strong a force for Bombers

St Kilda Saints dominated City Rise Bombers in the latest round of men's club basketball.

They won 100-61 at the Edgar Centre in Dunedin on Saturday.

The Bombers came out strong, starting the game off well, and had the ability to spread the points throughout the team, finishing the quarter ahead of the St Kilda side 21-15.

The game got away from the Bombers in the second and third quarters.

The Saints' well-trained side showed itself the greater force in the match, pushing past the Bombers to secure a three-point lead at the end of the half.

Coming out of halftime, the Bombers struggled to have anyone step up to the mark - restricting them to only 11 points in the third quarter.

Meanwhile, Lawson Morris-Whyte and James Ross continued to show their two-guard dynamic that has so far been unstoppable in this league.

That led to a comfortable lead of 12 going into the fourth.

The fourth was a rough quarter for the Bombers, who again lost their big man James Collins.

That has become the decider for this side's success this season, as it leads to the breakdown of the side's structure on offence and defence.

However, St Kilda did not take its foot off the throttle.

It added James Nicol's scoring ability with that of Morris-Whyte and Ross to produce 41 points in the fourth quarter.

In the later games of the day, Lions beat Magic 77-74 and Andy Bay Falcons claimed a 69-53 win over Varsity.

The former was a tight game due to the majority of the Magic side being in Taiwan with the University of Otago side.

The Magic scratched together six players to form a competitive match in which it led throughout.

However, a late push from the Lions claimed the win, largely through Tai Flavell, who scored with ease.

In the final game of the day, the Falcons pulled together to gain a win over the Varsity side.

After a tight first quarter, Varsity struggled to keep up with the pace Andy Bay set and slowly fell behind in the game.

 - Harry Thorp

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