Cycling: Riders set hot pace as sunshines on meetings at last

Chris Henderson
Chris Henderson
Although the track season started a month ago, the weather at Tuesday club night has not been conducive to fast racing or large entries.

On Tuesday evening, the track surface at the Seddon Park Velodrome had absorbed plenty of sun throughout the day and the warm temperature saw a large group assemble for racing.

The first race was a combined C grade and junior scratch race.

First over the line was John Lynch, followed by Glenda Bruce and Samantha and Shannon Hope.

The B grade was won by Daniel Creswell, with Stu Thomas and Elyse Fraser hot on his heels.

A grade saw Alex McGregor power over the line ahead of his younger brother, Lachie, with Mark Spessot picking up third ahead of a field that had been stunned by the hot pace.

In the B grade elimination race, Daniel Cress was well over the line before Elyse Fraser, with Mark Spessot winning A grade from Alex and Lachie Mc-Gregor.

The fastest 500m time trial was recorded by Chris Henderson.

The feature event of the evening was the "dash for cash".

By this time, the wind had dropped.

The C grade was hugely entertaining, as it became a real hare-and-tortoise event. The Hope sisters, who had been dropped several times, clawed their way back into contention, with Samantha the eventual winner from Matt Cumming and Shannon Hope taking third place. Sam's time was 23sec outside the bogey time, though the split bunches had made this goal difficult to attain.

Carl Haddon won the B grade race, 7sec outside the bogey time.

The A graders raced as a pursuit team in order to get one of them across the line in less than 10min 37sec, making for compelling spectating.

At the halfway mark, all had done their dash apart from the McGregor brothers. With encouragement from the crowd and time splits given on every lap, it was clear the bogey time would be broken.

With five laps to go, Lachie McGregor had nothing left and pulled out, leaving Alex to beat the clock by 19sec and pick up the prize, which he shared with his brother.

In the roadsters category, Cameron Lynch won the flying lap and match sprints from Bradley White.

- Jan Brosnahan




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