Football: Mainland clash at Tahuna tomorrow

It is the last chance to see the Footballsouth women in action in Dunedin tomorrow.

The clash with Mainland, from Christchurch, at Tahuna Park at 1pm could be a classic.

Coach Nick Rzepecky has run a well-organised campaign this season, with some attractive, flowing football being played.

The team has been inventive, showed pace and is capable of scoring against any team in the league. Spectators can hardly complain about a season which has produced a total of 23 goals so far in four matches.

But despite scoring an average of two goals per game, and showing great spirit and no mean skill, Footballsouth has not defended well this year.

There were passes that went astray, ball possession that was squandered, and worst of all, poor recovery of team shape - especially after attacks broke down.

Gaps that were not quickly plugged have cost Footballsouth dearly, and made a mockery of some valiant team spirit and fightbacks that deserved better reward on the league table.

There are players of some class in the side, from the mature talent of Mary Fraser, Chelsea Martin, Kushla Glover, and Una Madden to Sam Muirhead, Chelsea Whittaker, Shontelle Smith, and the emerging Hanna English and Pelatia Schwartfeger.

It is a squad that is steadily improving, and possibly tomorrow the team will gain that elusive win that will become a catalyst for continued success.


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