Long winning streak finally interrupted

This one has the feeling of "The queens are dead, long live the queens" to it.

City Highlanders' streak is broken. Their last loss in a competition match was mid-2017. And as an extra stinger they have lost the challenge shield to rival Momona.

After cruising in their opening matches last weekend, the finalists from the last two seasons met in round two, and the step up in quality of opponents perhaps led to a bit of scrappy play, but the pace of the game was high.

Given the rivalry these teams have developed in the last few seasons, neither side wanted to take a step back.

Momona was the first to get the better of the arm wrestle, and the momentum begun to swing its way, as weight of possession took its toll. Part way through the second quarter the red and blacks got behind the City defence, and after a bit of a scrap at the goal mouth, Claudia Peyroux opened the scoring. Momona continued to press, but 1-0 it stayed going into half time.

In the second half, possession swung as City turned up the intensity. As all champion sides do, it fights hard to the end and does not make itself easy to beat. However, Momona was composed in defence and turned the ball over and cleared the danger area time after time.

Forward Nicole Strawbridge had another strong game for Momona, while its back two, Matisse Uluilelata and Annabelle Lee, kept City out.

Highlanders would not lie down and surrender their record however, and with the clock in the final quarter ticking down to the last 10 seconds, they had a strong chance to even the scores.

But a good save by Momona keeper Jaysha Tippins ensured her side's victory, and Momona joined University A at the top of the table - leaving City out of that position for the first time in a long while.

University A also went two from two, winning its derby game against University B 3-0, while Taieri squeezed past Kings United in a tight 2-1 match.

 - Points after two weeks: Momona 8, University A 8, City 4, Taieri 4, Kings 0, University B 0.

 - Matthew West 

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