Momona A wins fast-paced game against University

Hamish Van Dyk
Hamish Van Dyk
Momona A defeated University Huskies 3-1 in a fast-paced game on Saturday to win the women's Challenge Shield.

It was not long before Momona won its first penalty corner but, when it was not scored off, the students whipped the ball up the other end and this end-to-end play characterised the first quarter.

Both teams were using their left for attack in entering the circle but Momona seemed to have the edge when a free hit from centre led to a deflection goal put in by Taylor Waddington.

Momona continued to attack but Varsity, which had not been linking up as well, then surprised by moving the ball quickly into the circle to win a penalty corner. It was struck well from the top by Molly Sheffield to make it 1-1.

The game stepped up visibly with both teams playing with passion until halftime.

In the second half, the speedy Varsity players played strongly but Momona increasingly dominated and this eventuated ina goal each for sisters Angelique Peyroux and Claudia Peyroux.

Sophie White, from Canterbury, was a star for Momona contributing noticeably in the midfield.

Isabella Ng was crucial in attack and defence for University.

In other games, Taieri beat University Stingrays 2-0 and City Highlanders A defeated Kings A 3-1.

The men's game between Albany Alligators and University Blue was a high-scoring affair which University eventually won 5-3.

Albany started with a reverse-stick shot at goal prevented by the Blues but a penalty corner was eventually awarded and the first goal was the result of a successful impressive drag flick by Josh Smith.

This was somewhat against the run of play as the students had appeared fast and passed well on attack.

They then got on target but the shot was saved by a great clearance by goalie Hamish Van Dyk, one of four Alligators named in the New Zealand under-21 squad.

But the fast and dynamic Blues persisted and, with a three-on-one against him, they scored to make it 1-1.

In the second quarter, many shots on goal were brilliantly defended by the Blues but a sudden run by the red team resulted in a goal.

The Blues stepped up with seconds to go in the third quarter and it was their turn for a goal after three rebounded shots led to the awarding of a stroke successfully taken by Henry Wills.

At 2-2, both teams were creating passing moves and cancelling each other out.

Extraordinarily, another two stokes were awarded as the students put Albany in a difficult situation and resulting in the defenders obstructing.

The strokes were successfully converted. Albany tried hard, putting great balls into the circle. Varsity scrambled on defence but once it got two ahead at 5-3 with not long to go it was too hard for Albany to catch up.

Henry Wills scored a hat trick for the Blue Whales while Thomas Atherly and George Wood contributed one apiece. Smith scored two and Flynn Marshall one for Albany.

In other premier games, Kings A won the Challenge Shield game 8-3 while in Gore yesterday, Taieri beat Southland 8-2.

 - Shirley Gillett 

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