Crampton not giving up hope yet

Gina Crampton looks to pass for the Silver Ferns against Australia. Photo: Getty Images
Gina Crampton looks to pass for the Silver Ferns against Australia. Photo: Getty Images
A disappointed Gina Crampton has not given up on the Commonwealth Games yet.

The 26-year-old was the biggest name missing from yesterday's Silver Ferns squad named to travel to the northern Quad Series next month.

Having made her debut for the national team last year, the Southern Steel wing attack has played 16 tests over the past 14 months.

She was one of 16 players at the team's camp last week, although she was one of two casualties from that group, alongside Monica Faulkner.

The Quad Series and Taini Jamison Trophy is the only remaining netball to be played prior to April's Commonwealth Games.

Crampton admitted making that team would be ``reasonably tough'', but she had not given up hope.

``I mean you never know what's going to happen, do you?

``People seem to be floating in and out of the team quite rapidly at the moment, so anything could happen and I need to stay ready in case it does.

``There isn't opportunities that they will see me play between now and then, unless I'm selected for the Taini Jamison series.

``So it'll be really interesting to see, but I haven't 100% given up yet.''

She had not had much feedback from the coaches as yet, although hoped to talk to head coach Janine Southby more ``over the next wee while''.

That would help her get a better idea of what to do toget back into the team.

In the meantime she would continue her training and nutrition, with an eye to playing well next time she steps on the court.

If that was not before the Games on the Gold Coast, there was another major landmark in the 2019 World Cup to aim for.

``It obviously was really gutting and disappointing, but I think my time's not over.

``I sort of had that wee window and then have been pushed out of it, so I definitely want to get back in and have another go.

``But it's not all over yet, I don't think.

`` . . . There's still the World Cup in 2019 if I do miss out on Commonwealth Games, so I've just got to keep going, really.

``Obviously it's good for me as well in that I can spend a lot of time with the Steel girls and have a really good preseason, so there's a lot of good netball coming up.''

It had been a big year for Crampton, who starred in the Steel's unbeaten season and got her first start for the Silver Ferns.

She had kept training through the break since the last international, although had done so while taking a holiday to Europe and the United Kingdom which was a ``good refresher''.

Next month she will link back with the Southern Steel and is hoping for another good season.


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