Frew confident of making start of season

Wendy Frew bikes with son Archie (5) while on holiday in Te Anau. Photo: Supplied
Wendy Frew bikes with son Archie (5) while on holiday in Te Anau. Photo: Supplied
It has been a long five months but the injury situation is looking positive for Wendy Frew.

After rupturing her Achilles tendon in the Super Club netball final in July, the Southern Steel captain is confident she will return in plenty of time for the start of the 2018 ANZ Premiership.

The injury was not an insignificant one for a 33-year-old to overcome, but it was something Frew has been determined to beat.

She had just begun light running on the treadmill, which she would look to gradually increase over the next month.

From there, she will get back into training with the Steel within the next six weeks if all goes to plan.

It had been a long process getting to that stage, though.

After her operation, she was unable to do much aside from rest with her foot up on the couch, before wearing a moonboot and using crutches for the next eight weeks.

Through that time, she began strengthening the leg, regaining balance and getting on the cycling and rowing machines in the gym.

She has been careful to do everything asked of her and the progress is showing.

It no longer gives her pain and she is now in a position to think about getting back on the court as a possibility.

"It is exciting. Six months is a long time to be out of action," she said while on holiday in Te Anau.

"But I’m really lucky. I’ve had the goal of getting back out on court for the Southern Steel.

"I think that’s helped me mentally knowing that’s what I want to achieve getting back out on the court after the injury.

"So I guess for me that’s going to be pretty rewarding taking the court for the first time if everything keeps going to plan."

While she was feeling good about where the injury was at, it had not been without its challenges.

The first month — when she was limited to resting with her foot up on the couch — had meant she was unable to help around the house and with her children.

Likewise there had been days when playing netball again seemed like a big step, although she never felt as though she would not return.

Setting small goals had been key.

"I definitely think leading up to the operation — I got the op about 10 days after the injury happened — then the first month after the surgery itself, it was a pretty tough time mentally.

"It was a lot to get my head around and it was quite a big injury.

"So for me it was about setting small goals and not looking at the bigger picture too much.

"I’ve got a lot of small goals to achieve before I even think about getting on the court.

"So I’m pretty confident about it, but also being really smart with what I’ve done to make sure I can achieve that goal of getting back on the court."

While she may not yet miss a game for the Steel, the injury had led her to miss the Silver Ferns trials last year.

That was still "devastating" as getting back into the national squad had been a goal.

However, for now he was focused on getting back on court and playing well for the Steel — which gets back together at the end of the month.

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