School A wins opening South Otago encounter

South Otago club netball started on Saturday, with School A winning out over Redwyns.

For the first few minutes of the game it was back and forth, with both teams pressing hard and defending well. The score at the end of the first quarter was 6-6.

Kayla Deant did a fantastic tip from the circle edge, turning the ball over to her team, which swung momentum.

There was some real competition and physicality in the circle between Redwyns' Nadine Lyders and School's Maddie Deacon. Tayla Hannah was injured during the quarter and to keep the players safe the game was moved to a different court. The School team led 14-9 at halftime.

School A dominated the third quarter as both teams started to tire and led 21-10 at the break.

The fourth quarter saw some lovely long shots by Tiriti Thomas (Redwyns). Her team-mate, Julie Lyall, had a strong debut.

School ran out the winner 28-14, with Thomas and School's Tia Valli impressing.


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