Cardinals, A-Team can both claim bragging rights

For  once, getting your name on the trophy may not be the sign of ultimate supremacy.

But then again, you have to be in to win, as they say.

Cardinals wrapped up the Otago club season by claiming the Champions Cup on Saturday.

It did that by beating rival and the defending champion Dodgers in the final.

After the scores were tied at 3-3, Cardinals finished more strongly and emerged a 8-3 victor.

However, the A-Team may have a claim to being the top team in town.

It beat Cardinals in last week's senior reserve crossover grade final.

The grade was set up this season in response to the premier grade dropping back to two teams.

That allowed a selection of the top teams in the reserve grade to play premier teams, while also getting to play in their own grade.

The A-Team played in the competitive senior reserve grade and also claimed the title there.

It beat the Dodgers reserve grade team 18-6 in a dominant performance.

After scoring five in the first inning, Dodgers had pulled three back by the end of the third.

However, the A-Team added a further four in the fourth inning, before piling on the runs in the fifth to walk away as champion.


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