Otago pair successful

Delanie Tabb
Delanie Tabb
Two Otago bodybuilders claimed top prizes at the last weekend's national championships.

Josh Pendreigh and Delanie Tabb won their categories, as well as overall titles, at the National Amateur Body Building Association championships in Palmerston North.

Tabb won the Ms New Zealand Figure award, and was second in the mixed pairs with husband Mike.

The females figure class prioritises symmetry and proportion over muscularity.

Its objective is to achieve a firm, toned, feminine physique.

Pendreigh claimed the Mr New Zealand Athletic award, and also won the open athletic tall title.

The athletic class requires low body fat and separation, but without the heavy muscular development of a physique bodybuilder.

The ideal objective is to attain a low body fat level, balanced development and muscular separation.


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