The importance of communication

Jonny Turner
Jonny Turner
Communication is the grease that keeps the racing wheel spinning smoothly.

This newspaper attempts to bring its readers the most important local racing news, which in effect serves as a platform, not only for information, but also for debate.

Part of the news-gathering process can involve dispelling rumour, because sometimes the racing wheel can spin too quickly. It can turn so rapidly that wildly inventive rumours are created out of thin air.

Do I need to remind readers of the rumours of  race-fixing and drug raids that went around this year?

None have been proven; none even got close.

Recently, the rumour mill suggested big changes were about to happen at Gallop South.

There was some strength to those, but it seems the organisation is not facing impending doom, but rather there are  many conversations to be had before its future is cemented.

It does seem, though, better  communication could avoid these kinds of dramas sweeping accross racecourses. This is the communication age  and there are many platforms to get messages across. Perhaps, racing needs to catch up with the times.

It was only  few  weeks ago when this column proposed stewards  could better communicate about contentious in-race incidents that can potentially damage the image of racing.

And racing  faces similar challenges about animal welfareIt also seems getting the message across about  the good contribution racing clubs make to their local community  could be improved.

Those in local government, as well as the average Joe Bloggs, may have no idea the financial and social contributions racing makes to communities,  largely through employment, but also through the use of their facilities as a hub for a long list of  groups.

The good news is  if you look closer at the coal face, racing is full of the most brilliant communicators. I can honestly say the trainers, drivers, jockeys, owners and breeders from this province  I have interviewed have done their utmost to share their views on a range of industry issues. Our local racing fraternity  is brilliant in the way  it helps  inform readers about what’s happening on the track and any number of issues that can pop up as talking points any given week. It is not lost on me the pressure trainers, drivers and jockeys especially are already under. They already have a huge clientele of owners they need to keep updated, which takes up a big chunk of their own time. Yet their knowledge of their own stock and that of other horses they have seen racing is almost encyclopedic. Though I hear from them almost every day,  it’s hard not to marvel at the way trainers, drivers and jockeys can recall horses, their form and their traits.

So with all this talent in our ranks, there are no real excuses for not communicating racing’s messages clearly and concisely.

Happy trails.

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