Racing: Bet's Sun impressive in qualifying

Bet's Sun qualified in style for Phil Williamson at the Oamaru trials yesterday, winning by 12 lengths in 3.23.8 - almost nine seconds under the required time. It gave Williamson bragging rights over sons Matthew (second, driving Left Right Andcentre) and Brad (third, Yukon Quest).

The son of Sundon and one-win mare Tamisana will join a large team of horses heading to the family's holiday base in Cromwell. Williamson expects the 4yr-old to start in a 0w trot at Cromwell on January 6.

Miss Pegasus will be aimed at a 0-2w mobile trot at Ascot Park next Tuesday after winning her trial against Murcielargo by half a length from behind the mobile gate. The latter, who is still having issues from the stand, will head to Addington next week for a 2-4w mobile trot which Williamson said the talented but erratic Sundon gelding should enjoy.

Monty Python, winner of a 0w trotters' trial yesterday, will also be part of the team based in Cromwell, but Williamson said the 3yr-old Pegasus Spur gelding needed a bit more ring craft before he had his first assignment.

Results.- Weather, fine; track, fast.

Qualifying trot, 2500m: Bet's Sun P Williamson 1; Left Right Andcentre 2; Yukon Quest 3. Five started. 12L, 7L, 5L. Time, 3.23.8. Trainer, P Williamson. First three plus Pegasus Dream qualified.0w mobile pace, 2000m: Levels Legacy M Williamson 1; Belmont Fire 2; The Penny's Dropped 3. Three started. Nk, 5L. Time, 2.34.7. Trainer, M Tapper.2-4w mobile trot, 2000m: Miss Pegasus B Williamson 1; Murcielargo 2. Two started. hd. Time, 2.46.6. Trainer, P Williamson0w trot, 2600m: Monty Python M Williamson 1; Sappy's Brite Star 2; Galleons Triumph 3. Six started. L, 6L. Time, 3.27.6. Trainer, P Williamson0w pace, 2000m: Manchester Tom M Prendergast 1; Rylin Summer 2; Redford 3. Three started. L, 5L. Time, 2.39.4. Trainer, M Prendergast1w pace, 2600m: Mackenzie Jacob M Williamson 1; Justanother Fitch 2. Two started. 6L. Time, 3.29.5. Trainer, P Williamson1-4 win spec hcp trot, 2600m: Beyond Me B Williamson 1; Maori Invasion 10 2; Final Secret 3. Three started. L, dist. Time: 3.38.0. Trainer, P Williamson.

- Matt Smith.

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