Clash chance for players to put hands up

The Southern Region competition takes a break for Easter, but the annual North versus South challenge will take place tomorrow at Kaitangata at 2pm.

The Northern Warriors, consisting of players from Heriot, Roxburgh, Toko and Clutha Valley, take on the Southern Battlers from Owaka, Clutha, Crescent and Clinton.

This game is a wonderful chance for selected players to put their hands up for higher honours come Topp Cup time in June.

The Southern Battlers have won the tie every time since the game's inception in 2016 and have a very exciting squad again this season.

Three of the Battlers' feeder teams in Clutha, Owaka and Crescent are in the top four of the competition and are playing some very decent rugby.

Clinton has not managed to put performances together yet but has some very talented individuals included in the squad.

The Battlers have a very powerful and agile forward pack combined with some very young and exciting backs.

The Northern Warriors squad this year is the strongest in recent memory.

It is packed heavily with players from Heriot which is unbeaten this season to date and is very confident. Clutha Valley and Roxburgh have their fair share of representatives but there is only one nominee from the Toko club due to availability issues.

The forward pack oozes power and experience and the backline is very rapid.

The Caelib Edwards Memorial Trophy is up for grabs again. Both teams will want to put their best foot forward and make a great game of it.

This game will be even more special as it is being played at Caelib's home Crescent club.

There will be a big crowd in attendance, and it will be a great game of rugby to be a part of.

The Southern Battlers will go in as favourites, but it would not surprise at all if the Warriors chalked up their first win.

 - Francis Parker

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