Crusaders shocked by violence, will consider later

The Crusaders have gone on the front foot over questions about their name in the wake of the mosque attacks in Christchurch.

Some have said the name Crusaders is an inappropriate name in this day and age.

The name comes from a a series of Christian campaigns against Muslims in the Holy Land, for almost two centuries from about 1100AD.

The rugby franchise issued a statement yesterday saying that, like all New Zealanders, the Crusaders team and organisation was deeply shocked by the tragedy on Friday.

Their thoughts were with the victims and families and the Crusaders were heartbroken for the wider community.

They understood the concerns about the name but felt the Crusaders name was a reflection of the crusading spirit of the community.

What the Crusaders stood for was the opposite of what happened in Christchurch on Friday.

The team's crusade was one for peace, unity, inclusiveness and community spirit.

It was not the time to discuss the name right now.

Emotions were raw at the moment and support was needed around the members of the community who needed it the most.

"At an appropriate time we will thoroughly consider the issues that have been raised,'' the statement said.

The Crusaders were united in standing against such abhorrent acts as which occurred in Christchurch on Friday.


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