Dwyer’s dreaded report card

Paul Dwyer
Paul Dwyer

It’s that time of year again and time to dissect the clubs’ performance with a scalpel and meat cleaver.  We haven’t had the prems, prem IIs, seniors or junior colts finals yet but we are close enough. Paul Dwyer takes a look at how the season has gone.

Alhambra-Union (C)

Finished second-last in the prem comp but was very competitive at times and no real blowouts. However, it won only four games. It didn't make any finals and didn't really look like it. But in terms of depth it is the only club represented in every grade, so in this climate a fantastic achievement. So on that alone it is worth a 'C'.

Dunedin (C+)

By its lofty standards, the prem team finishing sixth was calamitous but overall results are impressive. The prem II team is in the final, the prem colts made the semis, the two junior colts sides made the four and one, the Tigers, are in the final. Dunedin will probably finish runner-up in the Ainge Trophy (best all-round club) so probably deserves a 'C+'.

Green Island (C)

No longer a club on the rise, it is there now and has to be judged accordingly. The prem side finished a creditable seventh, achieving seven wins for the season and was always highly competitive. The prem II team was close to the four and the senior team is in the final. No prem colts so a black mark and a work-on. OK season so well worth a pass mark - 'C'.

Harbour (C)

Its season has lived and died on the prem team making the final tomorrow which is a great effort. The senior side started four weeks late and finished four weeks early so not great and the prem colts did not win a game so a 'C' at best.

Kaik (B)

The prem team made the four with its traditional late run and only went down by a point to Varsity. It made the four in prem IIs and junior colts. The prem colts made the final and the seniors are in the final tomorrow. So an all-round solid performance and the club is a powerhouse, so well worth a 'B'.

Southern (D)

Playing-through champ in prems but ended up fifth this year. Incredibly, its only two other sides in seniors and prem colts were also-rans. Toughest year in its history and a lot of work to do. A 'D' is where it is at. But knowing the club, not for long.

Taieri (C)

A season held together by a strong performance by the prem side to finish second in the round robin but coughing up the semi. The prem IIs, seniors and colts had just average seasons and no junior colts this year. An average season by its standards so a 'C'.

Varsity (A+)

What can I say? It's an unsurpassed season as it has waltzed away with the Ainge Trophy. The prem team is favourite to win the final. It has already won prem colts and women's and is in the final of junior colts - wow, words fail me.

Zingari (D)

The prem team finished last by some distance, gaining only one win. It lost a team during the year and its prem IIs and junior colts were not really sighted. The club is under threat and the work-ons are huge.


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