The report card

Paul Dwyer
Paul Dwyer.
Paul Dwyer rounds out the Dunedin premier club rugby season with his much-anticipated, self-titled "dreaded report card".


Down to four teams this year with the demise of their Junior Colts.  Prems fourth last and bottom half of comp in all other grades — a very uninspiring season so C-


Down to five teams with the loss of their senior side.  Finished third in Prems and definitely top 4 in Prem Colts and Junior Colts with their Prem II’s touch and go to make the four.  So a solid season and a contender for Ainge Trophy, so a solid year B

Green Island

Four teams this year so numbers are solid.  Prems captured the dreaded spoon but are touch and go to make the four in junior colts.  Their two open grade sides haven’t disgraced so a solid year C


Only two teams and no Colts side, so still a year-by-year proposition but they are in a position to win Prems and the Open Grade comp, so you can’t do much better than that.  So I have to give them a B


Down to four sides this year.  The Prems finished fourth, their Prem II’s could make the final, their seniors could make the four and their Colts are bottom four so an average season C


Down to five sides but their Prem II’s are gone.  Their Prems are in the final.  Their two Prem Colts sides are last and their Junior Colts and Women are last so a very average year by their standards C-


Solid numbers, with five teams — the only team represented in all men’s grades.  Their Prems had a shocker and finished second last, their Prem II’s are mid table and their seniors are bottom four.  Their two Colts will make the semis, so promising signs but still an average season, so C


Five teams, so numbers still solid.  Prems had the season from hell and finished fifth with only five wins.  The Prem II’s are touch and go to make the four.  Their two Colts sides should win and they finish first two in the Women’s.  They are odds on to still win the Ainge Trophy, so it still warrants a B+


Still only three teams so they are still marginal as a club.  Their Prems were very competitive and finished third last.  Their Prem II’s also in bottom three but their Junior Colts are a chance of the four, but C-

PS  Pirates couldn’t be rated as there weren’t enough letters in the alphabet.

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