Ben Smith: 'I'll play for as long as I can'

Ben Smith wants to play for Green Island again before he hangs up his boots, but says he has no plans of quitting rugby any time soon and wants to play "as long as I can".

He speaks to Paul Dwyer in parts three and four of an interview series, taking up topics ranging from his career for the All Blacks and what it was like to play alongside legends such as Richie McCaw to what some of his plans for the future are.

He wasn't looking too far ahead to the Rugby World Cup just yet and was instead focused on his recovery from a hamstring injury.

"To be fair I'm just day to day trying to get my hamstring right and whatever I can do during a day to make sure that is going as well as possible."

But, winning the last Rugby World Cup in 2015 was "pretty special" and he enjoyed the way the team got the public on side after England were knocked out.

"We managed to convince the general punter [to] back us because we are are good people."

What stood out playing under McCaw as captain was how calm he could be in the face of pressure.

"I think it just settles everyone around him."

Dan Carter was "very similar".

"He just seemed to know what to do."

He also talked about the impact coach Wayne Smith had on his game, saying he had a "massive influence".

He was keen to get in another game for Green Island before the World Cup if possible, but if that did not work out he could do it after stints in France and Japan.

"I love the game and I'll play for as long as I can and who knows I might even get to Green Island and play a couple of games before I finish up."

He spoke of his decision to stay playing in New Zealand until after the World Cup, saying he stayed because he felt he could still "give a lot more to New Zealand rugby".

"I just thought I had unfinished business."

He also wanted to stay around family while his children were still young.

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