'Musterers' suggested

When the debate started about a possible name change for the Crusaders rugby team after the Christchurch terror attacks lawyer Cheryl Simes was unimpressed.

She gave the thumbs down to names such as the Mainlanders, McCaws, Koura, Suns, Rangers, Nor'westers and Merinos. So the Oxford, North Canterbury lawyer had a think and came up with the name ''the Musterers'' as a possibility.

''The point was, this was only suggested if a name change was necessary,'' she said.

''Imagine imagery based on rural headgear, dogs and indeed sheep - linked naturally to Canterbury's heritage, economy and tourism.

''The name would also reflect rural Canterbury as well as the early urban centres.

''It would recognise the hardy, tough, enduring individuals who could only get their job done by depending on each other and their horses as vital teammates.''

Since going public with the idea, there had not been a strong response and those who did comment were reluctant for a change, she said.

The Crusaders franchise has said dropping the Crusaders name would be considered and it was open to public feedback.

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