$14.5 million development for high school

More details have now emerged about the $14.5 million Mairehau High School expansion.

Principal Harry Romana told Pegasus Post phase one of the project would see new hard material, technology, hospitality and other specialist classrooms rebuilt.

The proposed 500 build roll master-plan development is planned to start on-site in December next year.

Mairehau High School Principal, Harry Romana
Mairehau High School Principal, Harry Romana
The decile 4 school’s roll is expected to grow to 500 pupils, and the master plan will allow for a roll build of up to 800.

Mr Romana said while the design is in its very early stages, it offers an opportunity to provide a new 21st-century technology and supported learning facility.

“Consideration has also been given to rebuilding our gymnasium changing rooms,” he said.

Each phase of the plan is aligned to the greater Christchurch Network of Schools and the Ministry of Education prediction of roll growth.

“The new building (phase one) caters for the future of teaching and learning practices,” Mr Romana said.

The school’s revised master-plan reflects the latest budget and MOE growth projection figures.

The current main structure of the school’s gymnasium is sound, but Mr Romana said there is a real need to rebuild storage, changing room and classroom facilities.

Phase two of the development will include the science, administration, performing arts and library blocks of the school.

Mr Romana said the modern facilities and fittings of the new buildings will be a great start to the school’s rebuild.

“The whole area will allow curriculum deliveries through specialist areas,” he said.

The master plan also outlines the aspirations and fundamental learning needs of the school and the ministry.

“Our technology, hospitality, ICT, support learning, and PE and health teachers are meeting and working together on the design of the building,” Mr Romana said.

Mr Romana said the highest projected roll before the completion of the project is expected to be able to be accommodated for within the existing buildings.

“We are very excited about our master plan and future building project. We will continue to develop positive outcomes and learning experiences for our students,” he said.