Community garden gets green light to open in Hillmorton

Photo: File image
Photo: File image
A group of 10 keen gardeners from Hillmorton who designed a community garden have seen their project officially get under way.

Nancy Godwin.
Nancy Godwin.
The concept phase is now going ahead after the Mokihi Community Garden group's proposal to create the garden plot was accepted at a recent meeting by the Waihoro-Spreydon-Heathcote-Cashmere Community Board.

“I think the creation of community is important, and something a community garden will bring," said core team member Nancy Godwin.

"Often we live next to our neighbours without ever speaking to them or getting to know them.

“Another reason this garden is important is that it creates a sustainable food source that can help combat the rising food prices and encourage the community to feed themselves.”

The estimated budget for phase one of the project is $2000, which will go into making four garden boxes, a backing screen, compost, soil and seedlings.

Another estimated $2000 will go into later ideas, including planting fruit trees and setting up a community pantry.

"We have a fantastic group of core team members who have founded and pushed this project - the team has created an email address, Facebook and Whatsapp groups and have sent flyers out around the Hillmorton area," Godwin said.

"We’ve had no negative feedback, which was nice.

"The next plan is to speak to other community garden teams who have been through the start-up of one and connect with people within the chosen space.

"We’ll also set up some consultations and apply for funding."

The garden team will be hosting a fundraising barbecue in November, which will be a ‘proof of concept’ for the community garden.

“The great thing about being a part of this initiative is that you get an immediate sense of good living with healthy, organic food sources,” said Godwin.

“It is a very community-based project with all walks of life, which is exciting. We hope to encourage more people to join in and become part of a like-minded community in an open, welcoming and safe space.”

By Sasha Watson