Lasers pointed at police Eagle chopper

Photo: NZ Police
Photo: NZ Police
Police are warning people not to point lasers at the Eagle helicopter which is patrolling Christchurch. 

The chopper was "lasered" twice on Monday night while helping search for a victim, a police spokesperson said. 

"Unfortunately, Eagle was also lasered twice during the night, including during the search for the victim," the spokesperson said. 

"The lasering of aircraft is an offence under the Crimes Act and carries a possible sentence of up to 14 years imprisonment.

"The Eagle crew are working hard to keep the communities of Christchurch safe and it is disappointing that some members of the public have chosen to endanger the lives of those on board."

Inquiries into the incidents are ongoing. 

The first night of the Eagle trial proved to be a busy one, police said.

As well as helping a surfer in Sumner, the chopper assisted police on the ground to locate an offender wanted for assault and helped locate a person in mental distress and a victim.

The chopper remained at a height of more than 1500m from the ground in a bid to minimise noise disruption, police said.