Isolation can take toll


Winton Dalley has Hurunui’s drought-affected farmers firmly in his sights.

The chairman of the Hurunui Adverse Events committee says the Covid-19 lock-down means there can be no visits to farmers toughing it out of their farms.

‘‘We simply can’t meet them or do any of the things we did last time to boost morale.’’ He is relieved however, that farmers are deemed an essential service and can continue to operate during the Covid-19 lockdown. However they have to register with MPI by 5pm Friday, March 27. Services associated with the primary sector, such as farm services, can also go about their business while limiting people contact.

‘‘Covid-19 is a big thing. But it is not farmer’s highest priority at the moment,’’ says Mr Dalley.

During the drought that endured for three years in the district, regular social events, technical field days and other activities were organised.

‘‘But we are not able to proceed as last time. The virus has complicated things and farmers can’t go anywhere or meet anyone. I would like to think people can still benefit from things they learnt back then, however, and implement them, as I know many already have.’’

Mr Dalley urges farmers to keep in touch with one another via phone or email, and call or email him or the Rural Support Trust for a chat at any time.

It was important for farmers to have someone to talk to.

Mr Dalley can be contacted on (029) 7702866.

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