Kaiapoi firearms collection


Photo: ODT Files
Firearms holders in Kaiapoi should not to leave it to the last moment to hand in their prohibited firearms, police say.

Collection events will be held on Saturday and Sunday at the Blue Skies Centre, 12 Williams St, from 10am-3pm on both days.

The collection events are also a chance for anyone to hand in any firearm - no questions asked - under amnesty.

If firearms are handed in under the amnesty no personal details will be recorded as the amnesty is entirely anonymous.

If firearm owners are handing in firearm/s or part/s for buyback, they need to fill out the online form at www.police.govt.nz before going to the event. 

Owners also need to bring the following:

  • Their online notification reference number;
  • Their firearms licence (if applicable);
  • Their bank account number
  • Photo identification (drivers licence or passport)
  • All prohibited firearms and parts, cleared of all ammunition
  • Any other firearm/s or parts you wish to hand-in to Police for destruction.

The police ask firearms owners not to attend a collection event if they have more than 10 firearms and multiple parts and accessories.

Instead, when completing the online notification form, select bulk-ups and list the firearms and parts being handed in for buy-back.

Police will then be in contact about collecting your firearms and parts from your premises.

For more information on future collection events visit or call 0800 311 311.