Pink fan's $550 VIP ticket nightmare

The view of the Pink stage at Eden Park from a VIP seat which cost $550. Photo / Tash Barker
The view of the Pink stage at Eden Park from a VIP seat which cost $550. Photo / Tash Barker
A woman who purchased a VIP ticket to American popstar Pink’s concert at Eden Park was left disappointed after arriving to find her view was of the side of the stage.

To make matters worse, she found that her VIP gold seat ticket - which she paid $550 for - had been double booked - with another woman arriving to be seated on the same seat.

Tash Barker, who described herself as a Pink superfan, said she booked tickets for herself and her daughter a year ago.

At $550 each, they came with a merchandise bag, a free drink and what she expected to be good seats. At the time, a guide for the concert’s seating and views was not available.

“I wasn’t expecting front row,” Barker said. “I was expecting at least a view. But when we got to our seats the view was side-stage and very high up.

“So we couldn’t actually see the set on the stage at all. The only view we had was of a small screen which was looking at us. We could see the runway but it was very far away.”

It also appears her seat was double-booked.

Just before Pink came onstage at Eden Park, she lost her seat to a woman who had sat down while she had gone to the bathroom.

“My daughter sent me a text and said ‘I hope you have your ticket - a woman has just sat in your seat’.”

That woman and another person refused to move when confronted.

“We showed each other our tickets and they had the exact same seats. The only difference were that ours said gold reserve.”

Barker said three rows of fans had the same problem, in which their seats were sold at half price to other people.

After complaining to Eden Park staff, the people were moved and they were able to resume their seats. But the confusion over double-booked seats around them continued throughout the concert.

Barker said staff at Eden Park were responsive, but they did not know what to do - acknowledging that the issue was with Ticketmaster, not Eden Park.

Pink's Summer Carnival tour set-list was a mix of greatest hits and a couple of performances from...
Pink's Summer Carnival tour set-list is a mix of greatest hits and a couple of performances from latest 2023 album Trustfall. PHOTO: CRAIG BAXTER
“Pink was phenomenal, as she always is. But it just put a real downer on the night.”

Ticketmaster has been approached for comment. Barker said the ticketing company had acknowledged an emailed complaint but was yet to respond.

Up to 45,000 people attended the Pink concerts at Eden Park on Friday and Saturday, with the Herald review describing the Friday night show as “jaw-dropping” and “utterly authentic”.

There was a happy ending for Barker. Her daughter, after witnessing her disappointment, bought her standing tickets for the second concert at Eden Park last night.

“We were three rows from the runway,” she said. “It was incredible.”

And the price for her close-up experience? $209.