Staying home vital to plan

It seems confusion reigns when it comes to the lockdown dos and don’ts of Level 4.

Multiple readers contacted yesterday to ask if certain activities were still allowed over the next four weeks.

In pretty much all cases, the answer is no.

The Government wants people to stay at home as much as possible.

You can go outside for a walk in your local neighbourhood — but you should not drive to a beach or park outside of your local area.

When it comes to driving at all, you should only be driving to work, if you are an essential worker, or to services such as the supermarket, petrol station or pharmacy.

But you should only go if you need to, and when there, you must follow all staff instructions.

You cannot visit friends or family outside of your home bubble.

Friends, whanau or delivery drivers can drop off food and supplies, but those must be left at the door; social distance must be maintained.

You also cannot go hunting or tramping — remember, if something happens to you or you need rescuing, you put other people at risk.

The key message is a simple one: stay at home.