Records fall for powerlifting veteran

Bruce Park lifts in the squat section of the powerlifting at Propel Gym on Saturday. PHOTO:...
Bruce Park lifts in the squat section of the powerlifting at Propel Gym on Saturday. PHOTO: CHRISTINE O’CONNOR
The records keep piling up for Bruce Park at the NZ Masters Games.

Park, who set 26 national records at the powerlifting national championships in Christchurch last year, tallied another seven national records.

It was another powerful performance for Park, who at 82 is showing no sign of slowing down.

He set five deadlift records and two bench press records.

"I had the record at 161kg and thought we would give it a nudge. I was running out of steam so thought I have to do it now," he said.

"I may have lots of records but it is very, very difficult when you get up to my age. It was quite hard to get it."

Park weighs less than 70kg and as well as the dead lift, he also competed in the bench and the squat.

He has countless medals from the Masters and other events, but that is not why he competes.

"We are a wee bit serious about our training but you have to be. You can’t do it by accident to lift these sort of weights.

"You might get at the back of the field if you don’t put all the work in. If you don’t do the right technique and put in the work, you’ll be flat on your back when you try and lift."

He enjoyed the games and the people who went in the competition.

He had a long history in athletics and also dabbled in cycling before turning to lifting aged 70.

It still gave him a competitive buzz.

Park, a Balclutha farmer who still helps out on the family farm, said the sport kept him working hard and there were plenty of goals for the year.

He has the national championships coming up later and was looking forward to that.

But the big goal was the world championships, to be held in Cambridge, in Waikato, at the end of the year.

"We are getting organised for that. Started working now, work and train, and work some more right through the year for that very purpose."