Mike Webster honoured by Linwoood life membership

Tane Norton, left, presented Mike Webster with his Linwood Rugby Club life membership at the end...
Tane Norton, left, presented Mike Webster with his Linwood Rugby Club life membership at the end of the season.
Mike Webster’s service behind the scenes and on the sidelines at the Linwood Rugby Club has been honoured with life membership.

The long-time team manager and committee member said he was thrilled to get the honour at the end of the season.

“Bit of a bolt from the blue, I wasn’t expecting it so it was nice.

“(Former All Black) Tane Norton gave me a call and he presented me with my pin at the presentation dinner.”

The 59-year-old came to the club in 1978 after high school where he had mostly played soccer.

“I never really made the ranks as a player making it to senior B level.

“By 1986 I started managing teams with second grade then I managed at senior B and then from 2000, I had 10 years with our senior team then I did seven years managing the Canterbury under- 18's.”

In his first year with the provincial age group team he had Dan Carter in the squad while one of his last had Ryan Crotty.

“Most of my friends have been involved in the club in some way or another and I had 20 years on the committee through the middle stages of my time so I met a lot of people through that.

“The influence of guys like Tane Norton gave you a feeling of loyalty to the jersey and the club and I wanted to be something like that.

“The fact I can call Tane a good friend is very special.”

“I didn’t win any trophies with the seniors, but we did win the second grade competition during our centenary year in 1986.

Mr Webster said he used his acceptance speech to urge players to give back to the club in any form once their playing days are finished.

“Volunteering is an area where every club is struggling and I just urged everyone to get involved.”