Support Local - Our continued commitment to Local Business

Despite the change in levels our support for local businesses remains the same. We are here to help you attract customers, generate business and kickstart the local economy again. 

Talk to us about creating a custom marketing package that's as unique as your business, because no matter the size of your business or your budget we want to help. If you are an existing advertiser your sales representative is ready and waiting to help you move forward. If you have never worked with us before then one of our team is more than happy to help guide you through the best options for you. 

To find out more information please get in touch with your sales rep, any of our team listed below.



Tina Stevens (advertising sales manager):
phone (03) 479-3534;
mobile 0275 548 509;

Nic Dahl (national sales manager):
phone (03) 479-3534;
mobile 0275 548 509;

Jennifer Pringle (sales team leader):
phone (03) 479-3505 ext 8305;
mobile 027 207 3871;

Matt Anderson (online sales manager):
phone (03) 479 3569
mobile 027 801 7153


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From the Otago Chamber of Commerce
Business and their employees are facing some of the most difficult local regional and national economic issues for a generation.

With the rapidly changing business and social environment, business must be able to act and just as importantly react, to the changes that are happening on a daily, and even hourly basis.

Here's a quick guide of what you could be thinking about or doing:
Keep up to date: with the latest information and go to trusted sources for your information. There are many out there, but we recommend the following:
Seek support: it's during these times that we need to ask for help or be pointed in the right direction. This could include taking active steps like activating your business continuity plan and seeking advice and support from your bank, relevant industry association, the Regional Business Partnership Network, or us here at the Otago Chamber of Commerce.
Look after your people: your families, your friends, and the community. There is a difference between distance isolating and social isolating.  Distance isolating is making sure you reduce your chances of transmission through person to person contact by keeping at least 1.5 metres apart. Please make sure you don't socially isolate.
Stay connected to those around you, so you can offer and receive support.
You're not in this alone: This disruption will affect everyone and every business is some way or another. Talk to others, reach out and surround yourself with those you can seek solace.

Key online resources
The government has announced the details of its economic support package, including wage subsidies, and leave payments:
In addition, here are the links to the official government sites for advice on managing the impacts of Covid-19:

Please contact us if you would like to register your interest via email now


How can you help support a local business?

    Buying vouchers is a great way to support your local businesses who may be doing it tough. You can save them for another time, or put them in a card as a gift.
    Perhaps you’re in self-isolation, or you’re comfortable being out in public right now. Easy, do your shopping online with a local business, and have it delivered to your door.
    Small businesses in your neighbourhood may be struggling the most. Support them now and they’ll still be here when the pandemic is over.
    Possible supply issues will no doubt lead to frustration. But it’s not your local retailers fault, so please be patient and treat them nicely during this trying period.
    Now might be perfect time to get some projects done at home. You can share the love by employing some local services to help.
    When shopping in public, remember to practise common sense and observe and employ recommended hygiene and physical distance standards.