Troupe tunes into television for show cues

Dunedin’s only improvised theatre troupe, Improsaurus, is back with a new season of shows.

Every two weeks, the Improsaurus team will present a never-before-seen show.

Every performance is made up on the spot based on audience suggestions.

After two intense audition rounds last year, some skilled new improvisers have joined the Improsaurus Troupe, and will be part of the first performance tomorrow, from 8pm, at the New Athenaeum Theatre.

Season 1 of Improsaurus 2024 is based on favourite television shows such as Game of ThronesDownton Abbey and Friends.

Tomorrow’s show will be Downtown Improv, and will be followed by I*M*P*R*O*V on April 19, Game of Improv on May3, Improv Street on May 17 and Peaky Improv on May 31.

All shows will be at 8pm at the New Athenaeum Theatre — the troupe’s new home.

The Improsaurus improvised comedy troupe was founded in 2009 by a group of University of Otago students.

They used to perform a fortnightly show at the Fortune Theatre studio until it closed and have since been working hard to re-establish themselves in Dunedin.