Heather Pringle

This is the day that most of us think about often.

The Day We Will Get Married.

We picture it being that lovely special day we see in pictures and movies, and there is no reason why it can’t be just like you have imagined. Maybe you are fun loving and want your day to be fun. Maybe you like formality and a formal day is what you have imagined.

My name is Heather Pringle and I would love to help you create that special day just the way you would like it. I am also a Workplace Support Chaplain which means I enjoy working alongside people to encourage and be a listening ear to those who need it. This work has given me an understanding of many situations which I have been able to call on. Preparing and organizing a wedding can be a very stressful time and being able to minimize that stress for a couple, I find extremely rewarding.

My focus is to get to know you, both individually and as a couple.

This gives me an understanding of who you are, what your expectations are, your beliefs and best of all, you will have got to know me as well and that makes for a relaxed and friendly atmosphere on the day.