Avoiding Last Minute Beauty Disasters

You’ve found a gown which fits perfectly, employed a star make-up artist, booked your hair appointment, and found the best photographer. The last thing you want now is to wake up on the morning of your wedding with a beauty disaster! Here are some tips for last-minute fixes.


Splash iced water on your face, then lie down for 20 minutes with a frozen ice mask or cucumber slices over your eyes.


Apply ice to reduce inflammation, then a couple of drops of lavender oil to dry it out and further reduce redness.


Apply aloe vera then blend in a green-tone correcting foundation to balance the redness.


Touch up the chipped area with the same nail colour, then apply a quick-dry top coat to smooth it out.


Hop into the shower and exfoliate, exfoliate, exfoliate.


If you are planning a transformation for your wedding day, other than a gorgeous dress, hair-do, and makeup, keep these tips in mind:

Be realistic: Unfortunately we can’t transform overnight, so before you decide on a particular goal, consider your time frame and what is realistic for your body type.

Think long term: Set your plans in place far out from your wedding date. Cramming in exercise at the last minute will not get speedy results.

Resistance: Weight training and cardio go hand-inhand. Resistance training can help you lose weight faster than cardio or dieting alone, and also increases your metabolism.

Change it up: Don’t let your regime plateau. Mix up your type of exercise, duration, and intensity to maintain interest and positive results.

Watch what you eat: Good nutrition should be at the forefront of your mind when trying to achieve fitness goals. Think clean and lean by cutting down on processed foods and increasing your consumption of fruit, vegetables, and lean protein. Don’t skip meals either, as that will deplete your body of vitamins and minerals.