Ahipara Luxury Travel

Lauderdale – a beautiful slice of Central Otago history. The original farmstead block for Lauder Station in the early 1860s, Lauderdale includes historic farm buildings, ruins and old redwoods.

Complemented with the old Becks Church and a purpose-built function centre, this place has long been known for the quality of its events, and is now re-launching itself into the wedding and small events market.

Jean-Michel, who will personally plan and deliver your event, down to being the bar manager on the day, has been involved in entertainment since the age of 3, with his diplomat parents in North Africa and the Middle East.  His tourism business (currently on hold, which is why we are re-launching weddings) famously abseiled the All Blacks down Sky Tower and themed a Glenbrook steam train 1940s Soviet, hijacking it in Central Auckland. This isn’t quite what we have in mind for Lauderdale but it gives an idea of the scale of what we can deliver.

With Lauderdale, we have identified premium local beers and wines (the best available) and are working with beef and lamb studs to secure a supply of some of the finest produce available which we will age to your requirements for your event.

We know a number of excellent local musicians, are well networked into the local accommodation scene, and are on first-name terms with some of the finest helicopter pilots in the country.

We are currently building what we hope will become an iconic bar, and are linked into the experienced Queenstown events community. Visits are by appointment only, and we would be very happy to take the time to show you what we have and discuss how to deliver on your dreams.