'Screaming down the Southern Motorway': Teen driver caught doing double the speed limit

Photo: NZTA
Photo: NZTA
A Christchurch teenager has had his Holden Commodore impounded and has been charged with dangerous driving after he was caught at an “absolutely stupid” speed on the Southern Motorway.

Christchurch Highway Patrol Constable Scott Agnew had just finished writing a ticket about 12.55pm on Wednesday when the Commodore came “screaming down the Southern Motorway” at more than double the legal speed limit. 

“It was an absolutely crazy, idiotic speed," Agnew said.

The 18-year-old is due to appear in court on a charge of dangerous driving.

His Commodore has been impounded for 28 days and his licence will be suspended.

“There are a lot of people on that motorway at 1pm on a weekday - a crash at that speed would have been catastrophic," Agnew said.

The vehicle was located at a car park in Rolleston, where police found two witnesses yelling at the suspected driver while he checked a damaged wheel.

“This was a horrendous speed, putting other road users at extreme risk. He’s very lucky, as are all the other people who were on that road with him," Agnew said.

“As a driver, the decisions you make impact not only you and those in your vehicle, but everyone else on the road around you.”