24-hour swim at Graham Condon centre

Photo: Newsline
Photo: Newsline
A team of lifeguards will raise funds for St John by swimming 500km - slightly more than the distance between Christchurch and Queenstown - in just 24 hours this weekend.

The 24-Hour Swim Challenge is an initiative by Christchurch City Council lifeguard supervisor Martin Martinez D’Orso, who has organised similar events in Queenstown.

City council lifeguards will spearhead the challenge, which will take place from noon on Saturday to noon Sunday at the Graham Condon Recreation and Sport Centre, Papanui.

A number of groups that regularly use the pools have also been invited to participate.

The pool will be open for general public admission, but a couple of lanes will be set aside specifically for swimmers taking part in the challenge.

"Anyone can participate in the challenge and there’s no minimum amount of laps that you need to complete," Martinez D’Orso said.

"Every lap that is swam will get us a step closer to our goal of swimming at least 20,000 laps of the pool – or about 500km – in 24 hours."

Overnight, it will be up to Martinez D’Orso and the other lifeguards to keep the challenge on track by taking turns swimming laps of the pool.

People can support the 24-Hour Swim Challenge by donating money through the Givealittle page that has been set up or by coming along on the day and making a cash donation.

"Our goal is to raise $5000 to support Hato Hone St John South Island because as lifeguards we really value the life-saving work they do. They are always there to help,’’ Martinez D’Orso said.