Horse trainer charged with indecent assaults

A Canterbury horse trainer has been granted interim name suppression after his arrest on three charges of indecently assaulting a woman.

The man was remanded on bail without plea by Christchurch District Court Judge Brian Callaghan, to appear on June 15.

Duty lawyer Sabrina Forrester asked for interim name suppression for the man because of the nature of the charges and because his employment could be in jeopardy. She said the application could be properly argued once the man had his own lawyer.

The man faces six charges, all alleging offending on November 11.

He faces two indecent assault charges, and a third charge of indecent assault allegedly committed with another man. The court was told that man was no longer in Canterbury.

The two are also jointly charged with assaulting the woman. The horse trainer is alleged to have assaulted her to commit the indecency offence, and to have unlawfully taken her car.

Police prosecutor Sergeant Paul Scott said police opposed the name suppression being granted because the necessary grounds had not been established.

However, Judge Callaghan said the courts usually granted suppression in cases where the defendant had been represented at a first appearance by a duty lawyer who would not know all the circumstances.

The man is expected to employ his own counsel for his next appearance.

The judge granted bail on condition that the man not contact any police witnesses outside work hours -- they work in the same industry -- and not discuss the case with them.

-By David Clarkson
Open Justice multimedia journalist